Computer Networking

A computer network is a set of computers connected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet. Other shared resources can include a printer or a file server. Created by thenewboston.

Average Course Length

8 hours

Skill Level


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1: What is a Computer Network?
2: Types of Networks
3: MAN
4: WAN
5: Parts of a Network
6: How the Internet Works
7: Servers
8: Clients and Hosts
9: Network Interface Card NIC
10: What is a Protocol?
11: Protocols
12: Bus Topology
13: Ring Topology
14: Star Topology
15: Mesh Topology
16: OSI Model
17: More on OSI Model
18: Modem
19: Router
20: Switch
21: Repeater (Extender)
22: How Binary Code Works
23: IP Address
24: IP Addressing Issues
25: Subnetting for Beginners
26: Network IP Address
27: Creating a Cloud Server
28: Connecting to a Server with PuTTY
29: Creating SSH Keys
30: Changing the Default SSH Port
31: Setting up a Firewall
32: Installing Apache and MySQL
33: Installing PHP
34: Installing PhpMyAdmin
35: Securing PhpMyAdmin with htaccess
36: Using FileZilla with SFTP
37: DHCP
38: DNS
39: Routing Tables Explained
40: iptables Firewall Rules