Linux Beginners

Learn the basics for the Unix-like operating system. Created by thenewboston.

Average Course Length

2 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Introduction
2: Downloading Ubuntu
3: Installing Ubuntu on a Virtual Machine
4: Terminal
5: Navigating and Working with Files
6: Searching and Comparing Files
7: Saving Results to a File
8: File Permissions
9: Verify Files Using Checksum
10: Compress and Extract tar and gz Files
11: Install Software with APT apt-get
12: Users
13: Groups and More
14: Setup and Connect to SSH Server
15: SSH Key Authentication
16: Disable Password Login
17: SFTP
18: Partitions
19: Creating Partitions with GParted
20: Shell Script Basics
21: More on Shell Scripting