Lumion is an essential tool for everyone who wants to visualize their building designs. It produces impressive, high quality videos very quickly and is extremely easy to master. Created by Architecture For All.

Average Course Length

2 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Placing Content
2: Importing Models
3: Rendering A Video
4: Setting Sun Direction
5: Setting Sun Height
6: Modifying Terrain Options
7: Adding A Water Plane
8: Adding Fire Effects
9: Adding Smoke Effects
10: Adding Lights
11: Previewing Spotlight Shadows
12: Deleting Items
13: Locking Item Positions
14: Moving Items
15: Align Item Orientations
16: Align Item Positions
17: Randomizing Item Orientation
18: Evenly Spacing Items
19: Selecting Multiple Items
20: Editing Light Properties
21: Undoing Actions
22: Changing Water Plane Type
23: Using Layers
24: Placing Multiple Items At Once
25: Adding An Effect To Everything
26: Changing The Speed Of A Clip
27: Working With Multiple Clips
28: Deleting A Clip
29: Editing Existing Clips
30: Renaming Clips
31: Playing Back Clips or Everyting
32: Fading Between Clips
33: Inserting Into Existing Clips
34: Scrubbing Through Clips
35: Animating Camera Zoom
36: Importing A Video
37: Rendering A Subsection
38: Rendering An Image Sequence
39: Creating Camera Presets
40: Configuring Still Rendering Options
41: Modify Scenes While Editing Stills
42: Cancelling Material Changes
43: Removing Material Assignments
44: Hiding Materials
45: Saving Materials Sets
46: Using The Glass Material
47: Using The Waterfall Material
48: Configuring Sun Settings In A Clip
49: Configuring Ambient Shadow
50: Configuring Shadow Brightness
51: Configuring Shadow Range
52: Configuring Shadow Saturation
53: Sun Light Global Illumination
54: Using The Reflection Effect
55: Using The Underwater Effect
56: Using The Horizon Cloud Effect
57: Using The Exposure Effect
58: Using The Advanced Movement Effect
59: Using The Color Correction Effect
60: Using The Depth Of Field Effect
61: Configuring The Clouds
62: Using The Broadcast Safe Effect
63: Using The Chromatic Aberations Effect
64: Using The Fade InOut Effect
65: Configuring Fog
66: Using The Contrail Effect