Java Beginner Course

Learn the basics of the Java programming language to provide a solid foundation. Using Java you will be able to create cross-platform applications. Java applications can be used for mobile and desktop applications. Created by MrDeathJockey.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Greetings Planet
2: Variables
3: Variable Operations
4: if Statements
5: switch Statement
6: while and do-while
7: for Loop
8: Variable Scopes
9: Arrays
10: Collection Based 'for' Loop
11: Methods
12: Classes
13: Scanners
14: Method Return Types
15: Accessibility Modifiers
16: Basic File Writing
17: Basic File Reading
18: Characters and Strings
19: Method Overloading and Var-args
20: Faster String Operations (StringBuffer)
21: Constructors
22: Enumeration Types