Cocos2d-x v3 Course

Learn Cocos2d-x v3 to be able to make games for all the major mobile and desktop platforms from Mac, to iOS to Android. Leverage the immense features offered to code once and deploy to multiple platforms.

Recommended that you have a good foundation in C++ before taking this course.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Setting Up For iOS
2: Setting Up For Android On Mac
3: Setting Up For Android On Windows
4: Multi Resolution Support
5: Adding a Sprite
6: Positioning Using MoveBy
7: Positioning Using MoveTo
8: Positioning Using JumpBy
9: Positioning Using JumpTo
10: Positioning Using BezierBy
11: Positioning Using BezierTo
12: Positioning Using Place
13: Scaling Using ScaleBy
14: Scaling Using ScaleTo
15: Rotating Using RotateBy
16: Rotating Using RotateTo
17: Tinting Using TintBy
18: Tinting Using TintTo
19: Fading Using FadeTo
20: Fading Using FadeIn
21: Fading Using FadeOut
22: Repeat
23: RepeatForever
24: Sequence
25: Skewing Using SkewBy
26: Skewing Using SkewTo
27: Playing Sound Effect
28: Playing Sound Effect Repeatedly
29: Setting Sound Effect Volume
30: Stopping Sound Effect
31: Playing Music
32: Stopping Music
33: Pausing and Resuming Music
34: Setting Music Volume
35: Setting Up Single Touch Events
36: Touch Began Using onTouchBegan
37: Touch Moved Using onTouchMoved
38: Touch Ended Using onTouchEnded
39: Setting Up Multi Touch Events
40: Touches Began Using onTouchesBegan
41: Touches Moved Using onTouchesMoved
42: Touches Ended Using onTouchesEnded
43: Setting Up A Menu
44: Adding A Menu Font Item
45: Adding A Menu Image Item
46: Menu Alignment
47: Creating A New Scene
48: Pushing A Scene
49: Popping A Scene
50: Replace A Scene
51: Scene Transitions
52: Sprite Animations
53: Setting Up Accelerometer