SFML Course

SFML is an amazing cross-platform game engine that provides quick and easy game development. It provides all the necessary components such as audio and networking for creating games.

Recommended that you have a good foundation in C++ before taking this course.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: What Is SFML?
2: Setting Up On Windows
3: Introduction To Events
4: Keyboard Events
5: Mouse Events
6: Joystick Events
7: Window Events
8: Text Events
9: Live Keyboard Input
10: Live Mouse Input
11: Live Joystick Input
12: Adding A Sprite
13: Set Sprite Texture Rect Size
14: Set Sprite Colour
15: Set Sprite Origin
16: Set Sprite Position
17: Moving A Sprite
18: Set Sprite Rotation
19: Rotating A Sprite
20: Set Sprite Scale
21: Scaling A Sprite
22: Adding A Rectangle Shape
23: Adding A Circle Shape
24: Adding A Regular Shape
25: Adding A Convex Shape
26: Adding A Line
27: Set Shape Colour
28: Set Shape Texture
29: Drawing Using Vertex Arrays
30: More Complex Drawing Using Vertex Arrays
31: Drawing Vertex Arrays With Textures
32: Transforming Vertex Arrays
33: Introduction To Views
34: Moving A View
35: Rotating A View
36: Scaling A View
37: Window Resizing With A View
38: Playing A Sound Effect
39: Playing A Music File
40: Additional Audio Functionality
41: Recording Audio
42: Prevent Window Resizing
43: Fullscreen
44: Hide The Mouse
45: Removing Console Window
46: Frame Rate
47: Frame Rate Independent Gameplay
48: Class Update And Render
49: Adding Text
50: Collision Detection
51: Menu Class
52: Setting Up OpenGL