iOS Development with Objective-C

Learn how to develop application for one of the most powerful and popular platforms ever made. Created by thenewboston.

Average Course Length

8 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Installing Xcode and the iPhone SDK
2: Adding a Text Label to the Screen
3: How to Make a Sweet App Icon
4: Finally, Beginning User Interaction!
5: Oh Yea, Coding the Action Methods
6: Connecting Outlets and Actions and stuff
7: More on User Interaction
8: Adding Images and Text Fields
9: Getting Rid of Keyboards
10: How to make Sliders
11: Finishing the Slider Program
12: Segmented Controls
13: Coding the Switches Method
14: Running the Segmented Controls Program
15: How to create Action Sheets
16: Making Alert Boxes
17: Autosizing and Autorotation
18: Size Inspector
19: Manually Positioning Objects
20: Finishing the Program with Bigger Buttons
21: Intro to Multiview Apps
22: Working with the SwitchClass
23: Changing MainWindow.xib
24: viewDidLoad Method
25: Crap Loads of Code
26: Finishing the Multiview App
27: Intro to Pickers
28: Adding a root controller
29: Adding the Picker
30: Finishing the Date Pecker
31: Single Pecker
32: Creating the Array for singlePecker
33: Finally finishing this dumb program!
34: How to Save Data
35: Saving Files
36: Loading the Files
37: Don't Touch Me There!