Microsoft Excel - Basics

Learn the basics of the most popular Spreadsheet application in the world, it is an extremely useful tool. Created by Simon Sez IT.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


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1: An Introduction to Using Excel 2013
2: What's New in Excel 2013
3: How to Use Excel 2013 on a Touch Screen
4: How to Start Using Excel 2013
5: How to Create a New Workbook
6: How to Use Excel Help
7: Setting Basic Excel Options
8: The Excel Ribbon, Tabs, and Commands
9: The Quick Access Toolbar
10: The Excel Mini Toolbar
11: Backup and Autorecovery in Excel
12: Entering Text and Numbers in a Spreadsheet
13: How to Change Date Formats
14: How to Format Cells in Excel, Edit and Delete Data
15: How to Fill In Similar Values in Excel Cells
16: How to Use Flash Fill in Excel 2013
17: Using Excel 2013 Themes and Cell Styles
18: How to Insert, Delete, Hide Rows and Columns
19: How to Wrap and Align Text in Excel
20: How to Add Cell Borders in Excel 2013
21: How to Merge Cells and Apply Themes in Excel