Microsoft PowerPoint - Basics

Learn the basics of creating rich presentations, whether it's for a school project or a client this course has you covered. Created by Simon Sez IT.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: An Introduction to Using PowerPoint 2013
2: What's New in PowerPoint 2013
3: How to Use PowerPoint on a Touch Screen
4: How to Open, Save, and Exit a Presentation
5: Protect Your Presentation and Edit Properties
6: Online and Offline Help
7: PowerPoint Options
8: How to Use the PowerPoint Ribbon
9: The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
10: Mini Toolbar in PowerPoint 2013
11: Customize the PowerPoint 2013 Status Bar
12: Backup, AutoSave and AutoRecover
13: Create a New Presentation in PowerPoint
14: Adding Content & Adding and Deleting Slides
15: Adjusting View and Adding Notes
16: Slides Sorter View, Notes Page View, and Reading View
17: Using the Zoom In and Zoom Out Feature
18: How to Use Undo and Redo PowerPoint 2013
19: How to Add Text to Your Slides
20: Using Text Boxes