Microsoft SharePoint

Learn the basics of this web application framework which provides features such as content management, document management plus many more. Created by Simon Sez IT.

Average Course Length

4 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: How to Add Content to a SharePoint 2013 Site
2: How to Create a New SharePoint Site
3: Navigating the SharePoint 2013 Interface
4: Working With SharePoint Libraries and Lists
5: More Options for Adding Content to a SharePoint Site
6: How to Create a SharePoint 2013 Library
7: How to Setup SharePoint Users and Groups
8: Versioning or How to Use Versions
9: How to Check In and Check Out a Document
10: How to Import an Excel Spreadsheet into SharePoint 2013
11: How to Manage Permissions in SharePoint 2013
12: Integrating Outlook with SharePoint