MIT 7.91J Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology

This course is an introduction to computational biology emphasizing the fundamentals of nucleic acid and protein sequence and structural analysis. Created by MIT OpenCourseWare .

Average Course Length

35 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Introduction to Computational and Systems Biology
2: Local Alignment (BLAST) and Statistics
3: Global Alignment of Protein Sequences (NW, SW, PAM, BLOSUM)
4: Comparative Genomic Analysis of Gene Regulation
5: Library Complexity and Short Read Alignment (Mapping)
6: Genome Assembly
7: ChIP-seq Analysis; DNA-protein Interactions
8: RNA-sequence Analysis: Expression, Isoforms
9: Modeling and Discovery of Sequence Motifs
10: Markov and Hidden Markov Models of Genomic and Protein Features
11: RNA Secondary Structure; Biological Functions and Predictions
12: Introduction to Protein Structure; Structure Comparison and Classification
13: Predicting Protein Structure
14: Predicting Protein Interactions
15: Gene Regulatory Networks
16: Protein Interaction Networks
17: Logic Modeling of Cell Signaling Networks
18: Analysis of Chromatin Structure
19: Discovering Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs)
20: Human Genetics, SNPs, and Genome Wide Associate Studies
21: Synthetic Biology: From Parts to Modules to Therapeutic Systems
22: Causality, Natural Computing, and Engineering Genomes