MIT 16.660 Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods, IAP 2008

This course introduces the fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles that underlay modern continuous improvement approaches for industry, government and other organisations. Lean emerged from the Japanese automotive industry, particularly Toyota, and is focused on the creation of value through the relentless elimination of waste. Six Sigma is a quality system developed at Motorola which focuses on elimination of variation from all processes. The basic principles have been applied to a wide range of organisations and sectors to improve quality, productivity, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, time-to-market and financial performance. Created by MIT OpenCourseWare.

Average Course Length

15 hours

Skill Level


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1: Session 1-2
2: Session 1-3
3: Session 1-4
4: Session 1-6
5: Session 1-7
6: Session 2-1
7: Session 2-2
8: Session 2-4
9: Session 3-2
10: Session 3-3-1
11: Session 3-3-2
12: Session 3-4
13: Session 3-5
14: Session 3-6