MIT 11.965 Reflective Practice, IAP 2007

The course is an introduction to the approach of Reflective Practice developed by Donald Schön. It is an approach that enables professionals to understand how they use their knowledge in practical situations and how they can combine practice and learning in a more effective way. Created by MIT OpenCourseWare.

Average Course Length

30 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Introduction to Reflective Practice
2: The Practice of Reflection
3: Ways of Knowledge Generation
4: Theories, Knowledge and Practice
5: Virtual Worlds and Their Role in Creative Work
6: Frames, Perceptions and Interpretations
7: Reframing for Resolving Intractable Controversies
8: Reframing for Strategic Creativity
9: Conceptual Learning
10: Frontiers of Schön's Approach and Its Relevance in the 21st Century