MIT 6.003 Signals and Systems, Fall 2011

The analysis of signals and systems forms a key part of many modern technologies, including communications and feedback & control. These lectures give a conceptual and mathematical introduction to the topic, covering both analog and digital systems. Created by MIT OpenCourseWare.

Average Course Length

25 hours

Skill Level


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1: Signals and Systems
2: Discrete-Time (DT) Systems
3: Feedback, Poles, and Fundamental Modes
4: Continuous-Time (CT) Systems
5: Z Transform
6: Laplace Transform
7: Discrete Approximation of Continuous-Time Systems
8: Convolution
9: Frequency Response
10: Feedback and Control
11: Continuous-Time (CT) Frequency Response and Bode Plot
12: Continuous-Time (CT) Feedback and Control, Part 1
13: Continuous-Time (CT) Feedback and Control, Part 2
14: Fourier Representations
15: Fourier Series
16: Fourier Transform
17: Discrete-Time (DT) Frequency Representations
18: Discrete-Time (DT) Fourier Representations
19: Relations Among Fourier Representations
20: Applications of Fourier Transforms
21: Sampling
22: Sampling and Quantization
23: Modulation, Part 1
24: Modulation, Part 2
25: Audio CD