MIT RES.6.007 Signals and Systems, 1987

Signals and Systems was developed in 1987 as a distance-education course for engineers. An introduction to analog and digital signal processing, including discrete- and continuous-time signals, linear time-invariant systems, feedback, and data processing. Created by MIT OpenCourseWare.

Average Course Length

30 hours

Skill Level


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1: Introduction
2: Signals and Systems: Part 1
3: Signals and Systems: Part II
4: Convolution
5: Properties of Linear, Time-invariant Systems | MIT RES.6.007 Signals and Systems
6: Systems Represented by Differential Equations | MIT RES.6.007 Signals and Systems
7: Continuous-Time Fourier Series
8: Continuous-Time Fourier Transform
9: Fourier Transform Properties
10: Discrete-Time Fourier Series
11: Discrete-Time Fourier Transform
12: Filtering
13: Continuous-Time Modulation
14: Demonstration of Amplitude Modulation
15: Discrete-Time Modulation
16: Sampling
17: Interpolation
18: Discrete-Time Processing of Continuous-Time Signals | MIT RES.6.007 Signals and Systems
19: Discrete-Time Sampling
20: The Laplace Transform
21: Continuous-Time Second-Order Systems
22: The z-Transform
23: Mapping Continuous-Time Filters to Discrete-Time Filters | MIT RES.6.007
24: Butterworth Filters
25: Feedback
26: Feedback Example: The Inverted Pendulum