Stanford Astrobiology and Space Exploration (Winter 2010)

Astrobiology asks: Where do we come from? Are we alone? Where are we going? This course gives an overview of the excitement of astrobiology and space exploration, from the origin of our own biofriendly universe to questions of the future of mankind both on Earth and beyond. Created by Stanford.

Average Course Length

25 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: From Astrochemistry to Astrobiology
2: The Search for other Earths and Life in the Universe
3: What is Life?
4: Evolution
5: Life in Extreme Environments
6: How Predictable Is Evolution?
7: Catastrophic Impacts in Earth's History
8: The Search for Life on Mars
9: Darwin's Birthday
10: Life Beyond It's Planet of Origin
11: Biologically Reversible Exploration
12: Advanced Life Support Systems
13: A Human Place in Outer Space
14: A Life with SETI