Stanford Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (2008-2009)

Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium is a Stanford University course that features weekly speakers on current research and developments in computer systems. Topics touch upon all aspects of computer science and engineering including logic design, computer organization and architecture, software engineering, computer applications, public policy, and the social, business, and financial implications of technology. Frequently the Colloquium provides the first public forum for discussion of new products, discoveries, or ideas. Created by Stanford.

Average Course Length

15 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Towards a Global Scale Public Computer
2: Issues in Mainstream Clusters
3: Excubate: A New Model of New Technology Business Development
4: How to Invent the Future by Playing Online Games: SuperStruct
5: Scalable Privacy-Friendly Client Cloud Computing
6: Google App Engine
7: Future Computer Memory