An introduction to building a PHP MVC website using the CakePHP Framework. The course includes installing and setting up your environment and walks you through the process of creating a functional web application. Created by Jonhny Tran.

Recommended that you have a strong foundation in PHP before taking this course.

Average Course Length

6 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Choosing the Right Installation
2: Installation of CakePHP on Linux
3: Installation of CakePHP on Linux with NetBeans
4: Installation of CakePHP on Windows with XAMPP
5: Installation of CakePHP on Windows with NetBeans
6: Setup IIS Server to Work with CakePHP
7: Common Installation Problems
8: Getting Started with CakePHP
9: Folder Structure
10: Controller Naming Conventions
11: Controller Function Naming Conventions
12: View Naming Conventions
13: Model Naming Conventions
14: Database Tables Naming Conventions
15: Help Wanted
16: Introduction
17: Methods Set and Find
18: Methods Set and Find Demo
19: Method Single Query
20: Method Single Query Demo
21: Working with Forms
22: Working with Forms Demo
23: Working with Forms Part II
24: Working with Forms Part II Demo
25: Methods Exists and Delete
26: Methods Exists and Delete Demo
27: Method Render
28: Method Render Demo
29: CakePHP Console
30: CakePHP Bake Demo
31: Associations
32: Associations Demo
33: Model Attributes
34: Model Attributes Demo
35: Data Validation
36: Data Validation Demo
37: Magical Fields
38: Magical Fields Demo
39: Working with Layouts
40: Working with Layouts Demo
41: Controller Views
42: Controller Views Demo
43: Elements
44: Elements Demo
45: Helpers
46: HtmlHelper
47: FormHelper
48: Setup
49: Setup Demo
50: Components
51: Components Demo
52: before Filter
53: beforeFilter Demo
54: Passwords
55: Passwords Demo