HTML5 allows you to go a step beyond to make your websites dynamic and interactive with little effort. It's easy to learn and you can do it here today. Created by thenewboston.

Recommended that you have a basic foundation in HTML before taking this course.

Average Course Length

8 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Introduction
2: Creating a Basic Template
3: Setting up the body
4: Adding the Meat!
5: Attribute Selectors
6: Introduction to pseudo-classes
7: negation pseudo-class
8: Sweet New CSS3 Selectors
9: Laying Out the Website
10: Starting the Styling
11: Styling the Navigation Menu
12: Making Everything Pretty
13: Finishing the Layout
14: Flexible Box Model
15: Styling the Header and Navigation
16: Finishing the Flexible Box Model Layout
17: Reversing the Box Order
18: More Flexible Box Model Tricks!
19: Finishing up the Flexible Box Model
20: Rounded Corners and Shadows!
21: Text Shadows, Gradients, and Alpha
22: Crazy Transformations
23: Animating with Transitions
24: Making Awesome Rollover Buttons
25: Working with JavaScript in HTML5
26: querySelectorAll
27: Playing Video on Your Website
28: How to Customize Your Video Player
29: Making Your Skin Look Pretty!
30: Styling the Default and Progress Bars
31: Programming the Video Player
32: Playing and Pausing the Movie
33: How to Update the Progress Bar
34: Finishing Up the Video Player!
35: The Canvas Element
36: Drawing Shapes on the Canvas
37: Gradients on the Canvas
38: Making Sweet Custom Shapes!
39: Working with Text and Shadows
40: Transformations
41: Saving and Restoring the Canvas
42: Images on the Canvas
43: Animation for Games!
44: Drag and Drop
45: Working on the Drag and Drop Program
46: Finishing the Drag and Drop Program!
47: Spice it Up
48: Web Storage API
49: Making the Web Storage Program Pretty
50: Saving Data
51: Retrieving and Displaying Stored Data
52: Making Something Useful
53: Saving Data While Visiting Other Websites