Laravel To-Do List App

Create a to do list app with Laravel in PHP. This app will let your users sign in, add to do tasks, check them as done and delete to do tasks. Created by phpacademy.

Recommended that you have a basic foundation in PHP before taking this course.

Average Course Length

1 hour

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Setting Up (Part 1/9)
2: Views & Layouts (Part 2/9)
3: Migrations & Seeding (Part 3/9)
4: Logging In (Part 4/9)
5: Displaying Tasks (Part 5/9)
6: Marking Tasks (Part 6/9)
7: Creating Tasks (Part 7/9)
8: Deleting Tasks (Part 8/9)
9: Security Considerations (Part 9/9)