Java Intermediate Course

You have the core foundations for cross-platform java development. But you want to advance your skills to create more in depth and advance applications. Then your in the right place. Created by MrDeathJockey.

Recommended that you have a basic foundation in Java before taking this course.

Average Course Length

5 hours

Skill Level


Pick a lesson

1: Object Orientated Programming Concepts
2: Class Inheritance
3: Polymorphism
4: Casting and instanceof
5: Interface
6: Interface Inheritance
7: Introduction to Exceptions
8: Exception Propagation
9: Files and Using File Object
10: Buffering a FileWriter, Writing to File
11: Buffering File Reader, Reading a File
12: Processing Formatted Contents
13: Encrypting a String and Write Encrypted Content
14: Generic Class Types (Stacks, ArrayLists and Maps etc.)
15: Getting all file entries in a Directory
16: Stack Generic
17: Reading an XML File (DOM)
18: Enhanced String encryption with PBE, DES and MD5
19: Generic Maps and HashMaps
20: Generic Lists and ArrayLists
21: Threads